Welcome to Mirakul

Mirakul Residence in the Old town of Labin is ideal for people who love the atmosphere of the medieval city with a modern ambience.

Its interior combines the traditional with the modern and artistic: catching colors, wall murals, stone floors, and different elements give space exclusivity with simultaneous high comfort and comfort for guests. The interior is designed and performed by local artist Robert Razzi. With warm colors and softness of space, Roberta also applied new techniques of painting the walls, and reaffirmed her refined and unique approach to solving interior, emphasising Istrian environment and, specifically, Labin industrial design.

In the Residence a scent of lavender can be felt, from the oil which owners produce from more than the 1,500 shrubs on their family farm in Ripenda Verbanci, 2.5 km away from Labin. All of this is the realization of dreams of the owners, their life ‘mirakul’, who want to convey that to their guests and all people of good will. Doors of OPG are also open to all who want to experience the beauty of nature and a view to Učka which stretches dozens of kilometers.

Guests of the Residences are offered products from the family farm: olive oil, jams and fruit syrups, teas made from herbs, hot sauce and ketchup from their our own-grown tomatoes, and other seasonal products.


Free parking on request, it is not possible to reserve parking spaces. Availability depends on current occupancy of the parking.

Where we are

Mirakul Residence is located in the old town of Labin, in a quiet street, at the site from the sixteenth century.

The house was completely reconstructed in 2000 and again renovated in 2017 when Mirakul Residence was opened.

Eastern Istria, with 12,000 inhabitants Labin as the central point, until 20 years ago was one of the important industrial backbone of Istria and Croatian, known for mines, various factories and agricultural combinates, and its friendly, hard-working and proud people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, who have here found their raison d’etre.

In recent years, Labin, which in touristic terms was terra incognita, is increasingly orienting towards tourism, with the backbone in Rabac (Labin port with the most beautiful beaches in Istria, all with blue flags), and an offer that combines art (Labin Art Republic, Sculpture Park in Dubrova ) and excellent gastronomy.